Premiere Lubbock

Premiere Cinemas - Lubbock

Lubbock, TX | El Paso, TX | Bryan, TX | Pell City, AL | Birmingham, AL | Grand Prairie, TX | Burleson, TX

Scope: 8-16 Auditoriums, IMAX, Family Entertainment Center, Bar/Restaurant

Based in Big Spring, TX, Premiere Cinemas is among the largest independently owned cinema exhibitors in the U.S. with 250 screens in 22 locations across the southern states. Since opening their first location in 1985, Premiere Cinemas has been on the forefront of introducing new digital technologies and offerings into their programming.

Premiere’s flagship theater in Lubbock, TX is attached to the South Plains Mall and accommodates 1,500 luxury recliners in all sixteen digital auditoriums, including a seventy-foot-wide IMAX screen. Theater amenities include a balcony wine bar, D-Box motion-controlled seating, party rooms, and a full-service restaurant.